I am a local artist born and raised on the Langley estate. Graduating from the University of Central Lancashire with a BA in Fine Art in 2004 and completing my MA in Art as Environment from the Manchester School of Art in 2011.

My main practice focuses on drawing and capturing art in the everyday. I also enjoy experimenting with text and installations.

During my MA, I became interested in my local environment and how I experienced it. With many of the estate’s streets being named after the Lake District, I took inspiration from Wainwright’s ‘Walks in the Lakes’ and produced a body of work entitled ‘Running the Lakelands ‘. I created a map of the area detailing my own routes and memories as well as collecting other people’s stories from the estate. I enjoyed learning about different people’s perspectives of where I grew up and collating these ideas on to one large map.

Over the last year I have been revisiting the project as I feel there is a lot more, I could add to this. I am interested in working with local people in order capture the spirit of the estate, looking at the idea of maps and how they can be used to help enshrine memories from different generations.

Running the Lakelands map

Story Alcove: Snippets of stories from the estate

Smoke in the air (study)

Hanging (Thirlmere / shoes hanging from telephone wire)