“I moved to Darnhill when I was 8 and my sister was 10. We were the second family to move up. We moved on March 16th 1962 – it was a Friday. We moved from an upstairs flat in Wythenshawe to a house – brand new!

There were 4 of us – my mum, my dad, me and my sister. We moved to 11 Benmore Close. The first family were the Morrisons who lived at 3 Benmore Close and I believe they had been there a fortnight before we came. On the Monday after we went to school, Heap County, there were 2 pupils in the Juniors, both Morrisons, and their brother in the infants! So there was now 4 in the Juniors and the teacher was Mr Fletcher, who later became the headteacher. It was a brand new school. All kids of different ages were together – there were new additions to the class every week until the end of the July when there were about 30 in the class. When we came back the next school year there were 4 classes and more teachers had started.

We had a project one year looking at tadpoles. We left them in the classroom over the holidays and when we came back the classroom was full of frogs!!” – David N