The following poems were written in Langley by participants of the Small Things Creative STORY BOX sessions held in at Langfield Care Home on 3rd & 4th June 2019. The sessions used the Overspill theme to share stories of Home and Community with participants who were living with, or caring for someone with, dementia.


Like a market

Wouldn’t go anywhere like that.

Too much.

Too busy.

Looks like a Roman building.

Does look Roman, doesn’t it?

Like Italy or Spain.

Greek or Roman. Two pillars.

Flats above a shop

Could be noisy.

I remember being in Newcastle.

I lived near the bridge – the River Tyne.

And a lovely park – Saltwell park.

It had 5 bridges. You had to pay a penny to cross over the bridge. Was it worth the trip? Oh yeah!

Take it with you.

Looking down and saying: “Oh that’ll do.”

Old house

Chimney pots

Smoking chimney pots – very bad for your health.

You got your fresh air at the park.

To me it looks like a café.

This reminds me of where I used to live.

Reminds me of the park in Langley.

Home Acrostic

H aving family inside

H igh chair

H appy

H appiness

O rdinary

O rnaments

O ranges

O ff – when someone comes to the door!

M y sister now lives in my flat

M emories

M other

M ouse……….

E ek!

E veryone is happy

E nd of the day

E xtra special people

Haunted Ham Shank

I’d live there, ‘cause I’m a silly mare

I’d live with my wife Joan, then I’m not alone

That might be better

I like that, ‘cause I’ve always fancied a bike

It’d be nice to go out at night

Be nice to live in the woods

I’d have a dog, then I wouldn’t be scared of the bears

We had a dog called Snoopy

Like a modern house

I like the reflection

The big tree is nice by the cottage

Then you find out you have an expensive electric bill

If you had a house you might get a mouse

I lived somewhere like that but it was a flat

I never had a garden so I liked living there

It was very quiet there

Set off a path

I don’t think we were allowed animals

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