The following poems were written in Darnhill by participants of the Small Things Creative STORY BOX session held in at D’Oliveria Court on 8th May 2019. The sessions used the Overspill theme to share stories of Home and Community with Memory cafe participants who were living with, or caring for someone with, dementia.

With thanks to the Alzheimer Society for hosting the session.

Our Street

Stella the keep fit instructor.

Pirate just moved in

With a budgie not a parrot.

Glittery hats – the party animals

Welcome to the avenue!

The Professor –

“If you don’t mind!

Got me strap n all”

PC Doreen to keep an eye on the rest of the street

No proper arrests

Just keeping an eye.

Nautical painter and decorator

Living near The Ship

A yacht on this drive.

A cowgirl with a whole herd of cows –

“I’ve got a funny feeling I know whose it is”

Lad in a cap

Too young to go in the pub

Kicked out by the policeman.

Mrs Bouquet

Paid to clean all the houses

Expensive or three pounds an hour.

The sensible observer from the end of the avenue.

“Unlucky for some.”



Always something going on

Some earache

Never boring

Have to change our life

To be continued…



There’s no answer

A mercenary collection

Easy to read

I like how it rhymes

Hangs all together

Says a lot in six verses

‘Protect from the gun and the knife’

I’ve lived in a few communities and they don’t get together

They just say ‘Hello’

But don’t get together.

In the army, they all stick together.

Pull together and fight.

We’re old enough to know what the fight was about.

Nice place. Growing up there were lots of families.

Open their doors for one another


Speak to their neighbours.

In a good community, you know who your neighbours are.

You have considerations for other people’s feelings.

It’s nice to have a community centre

A local pub!

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