The following poems were written in Langley by participants of the Small Things Creative STORY BOX sessions held in at Langfield Care Home on 3rd & 4th June 2019. The sessions used the Overspill theme to share stories of Home and Community with participants who were living with, or caring for someone with, dementia.

Not a very nice street

I’m the char woman!

£5 an hour – that’s cheap!

I’m cheap because I help my neighbours.

We’ve got a chef – from Nandos – chicken, rice and peas.

We once cooked a meal for Gracie Fields.

It was years ago now.

I used to build tanks.

David’s a pilot – flies planes – to Blackpool

In an aeroplane?

Carry on cruising Margaret!

All round the Med.

There’s been a burglary on the street – she’s got sticky fingers that one.

She’s taken the sliver candlesticks.

We’ve got Calamity Jane on our street

I bring in the horses – Yeehah!

And Jack the lad too

He spends all the time in the pub!


Written in response to pictures of different community places and spaces

It’s a big block of houses

I’ve seen this on television.

Are these recent ones?

It’s alright but it’s the prices, isn’t it?

It reminds me of a train.

Flats – where people are living.

Depends on how thin the walls are.

You can hear your neighbours.

Tescos – where is it abouts?

A nice house.

I’d like to live in this one.

When I worked in a hospital – I had a flat there.




5 people.

The park – where the children play.

A nice housing estate wherever this is.

These look like maisonettes.


Written in response to images of houses

That’s gorgeous!

In the middle of the forest

That one’s a modern one.

I’ve seen one like that on television.

That’s like Snow White that one.

That would be cosy.

It looks really nice – a nice area.

Everybody got nice curtains.

It looks a happy place.


Big and cosy – nice at Christmas

(Not a nice electric bill though!)

Like the old homes at the top of our road.

I don’t like flats.

This is a nice house.

And a bike – oh my god!

“Get on yer bike, Alice!”

That’s all we had – a bike.

I like the bungalow.

It’s compact – not too much work.

Nice neighbours? I’ll have two chances

Every house is happy – it’s what you make it.

D’you fancy having a swimming pool? Ooh yeah!

We could paddle

Get the wellies on!

Nice house

On my bike.

Where would you go?

Probably in the river!

Too small – this house.

Too small to live in.

I like the square one.

I like this one cos it’s more open.

Ooh look – my dream home.