The following poems were written in Langley by participants of the Small Things Creative STORY BOX sessions held in at Woodclough Day Centre on 3rd June 2019. The sessions used the Overspill theme to share stories of Home and Community and participants were living with, or caring for someone with, dementia.

Here we are again

Anything good on the menu?

No, only pancakes!

I don’t cook.

Me daughter does that.

I’ll have two pancakes with butter and jam

Strawberry? That’ll be 3 and 6.

I’ll just have the one

Can’t afford two.

It was lovely in Mexico

I’m gonna fly away

I’m only £10 for cleaning.

You’re cleaning up

I’ve been in Rochdale for about a week

I came to see the Seven Sisters

I’ll have Nutella and strawberries on my crepe.

We had a fast flight.

Rushed back to get back.

It was a quickie!

Parlez vous francais?

I’d rather do it myself then you know it’s been done.

We’ve ah da tip off that there’s gonna be burglars.

Make sure there’s nothing to inch.

Where were you on Monday 17th August?

What year?

Up at my daughters

Where does she live?

I think he’s guilty

I’ll  throw ‘em in later.

Creative writing in response to images of community

Seven Sisters


Look at all the people though.

The flats in Rochdale.

Hard to decide – but it looks like this one.

How many floors? Were there 13?

No – in the picture.

I’ll tell you – 12 storeys.

I’ve never lived in one of the flats. My daughter did.

I’ll go shopping – what do you want?

My house looks a lot better than that!

I’ve got 4 bedrooms

And we’ve had it all done up.

And we’ve got a garden cos we’ve got a dog.

By the sea – I’d like that.

Kids playing out.

The best thing’s the bar.

All British.

I think we’re the only country in the world who drive on the left.

Looks like flats in Rochdale.

What a long road – you need a car!

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