The following poems were written in Heywood by participants of the Small Things Creative STORY BOX sessions held in at Roeacre Court on 17th May 2019 which used the Overspill theme to share stories of Home and Community. Participants were living with, or caring for someone with, dementia.


Peace and quiet and solitude

A walk in the woods

Hear the owls at night

Send him out to look for the dogs

It hasn’t got a big garden

Well established

Lots of windows to clean

Let in light

It’s posh

Room for chairs outside

Watch the world go by

A house with some history to it

Want to live in the past

Tudor house with timber frames

No 9. Council house

The only good thing was the football pitch at the back

Public house in Bacup

In a valley, hills at the back

Halloween the Mummers would come up with their horses

Our first home we bought together

It had bay windows

Stained glass windows

The one we live in now

The convenience of it

Nice neighbourhood

Good neighbours

Atmosphere and the people

Achievement that we could buy it



Happiness, a homely home

H appiness, a homely home

O utside playing football and broken windows on the rec. Organised Chaos

M aking cupcakes for cupcake day. Muddy boots at the back door and muddy paws. Making friends.

E asy chairs. Everyone happy and contented.

Here is happiness

H ere is happiness

O pen to everyone

M usic and laughter

E nd of the day

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