St Margaret’s Communities helped raise money for the church to be built in 1972.. The school opened in 1964 and the church stands adjacent to the school… There are at least 10 of the original congregation that attended prayers every Sunday.. Most of those started the Guides Brownies and boys brigade…. We have 100s of photos of wedding christenings and confirmations from the 70s to present day…. Susan is our VICAR at St Margaret’s… Also the previous vicar is a lovely friend of Darnhill’s community.

Befoore Maureen we had Ian Stamp and he still attends St Margaret’s every Sunday. The Catholic Church of Darnhill was sadly knocked down 2 years ago… Their wonderful priest Father James Ryan had been their preacher ever since St Paul’s Church and school were opened in 1963… Sadly Father Ryan passed away in his homeland in Ireland.. He was and always will be a Darnhill legend.. He is missed by all his adoring and loyal congregation and all of the Darnhill families…

Our Mums used to go to Pilsworth Road post office.. Couple of doors down from the pig n whistle pub…A lot of Mums used the launderette on Egerton St.. They also carried heavy shopping home from Heywood no bus came through Darnhill… The Dr was residing in the cottage flats on Argyle St facing Balmoral Drive… No Darnhill Parade then was there… No pubs…. 2 ft of privet 2ft apart round everyones Gardens.

Jacquie B