Above are some photos that we found in the archives at Middleton Library of the Langley overspill. As you can see, the library has a fantastic range of documents detailing the history of Langley and the growth of a community.

We used these photographs in one of our workshops at Burnside Community Centre and asked the group to create memory boards of their experiences in Langley. It was amazing to see the different stories that came out of these photos, with everyone having some form of connection to the area.

The documents highlight the creation of the estate, it’s growth and some of the difficulties it has faced. However, through it all it is clear there is a strong sense of community throughout, especially in some of the newspaper clippings. This unity is something that is still prevalent in Langley today!

If anyone is interested in seeing these documents or doing their own research into this, it’s worth checking out the Middleton Library Archive and seeing what else they have!

Images are courtesy of Middleton Library