An Overspill Estate called Darnhill 

Darnhill started out as an overspill,

A place for families to make a new home. 

For me it’s where I went to school,

A place my Mum had attended before.

My mum grew up on Heap Bridge, 

When farms and fields were all around. 

Darnhill did not exist in her younger years,

Until the diggers broke the ground.

This was all before I was born,

When Heywood Community School,

Was Sutherland High. 

There were nine high rise flats, 

Each one was demolished over time.

My Grandma worked in the library,

She took me in early when I was kid.

I remember feeling very special,

Seeing where others were forbid.

Now as an adult I have family and friends,

On the overspill estate known as Darnhill.

I also attend a writing group,

At the library, creativity we fulfil.

Darnhill has a community feel,

With festivals throughout the year. 

It started out as an overspill, 

But now it’s home that many hold dear.

©Katie Haigh

Inspired by Langley writers Overspill creative workshop 21/11/2019