I remember from 3 or 4 years old there was six of us in a 2 bedroom house. We had an outside tipple toilet loo shared by three houses. Our mums took it in turns to clean it out.

In the winter, we had frozen pipes, thick frost on the windows, gas lighting and candles sometimes. Tin bath – boiled water – two at a time and sat in front of the coal fire to dry our hair and warm up.

I was 6 when we moved to Back of the Moss (Peel Lane) to a 3 bed council house with bath and running water. The toilet was on a landing next to the house but it was ours and we didn’t have to share it. We slept 2-3 to a bed and we still didn’t have any heating in the bedrooms but it was still a luxury to our parents.

I remember the Darnhill estate being built. I was about 15/16 and I used to walk around the estate as it was being built. At first, everyone used to call the people on the estate ‘Darnhill Billys’ but we all get along now.