P: Here’s one to ponder on , the 1970’s ghost train! Back in 1975/1976 me and my mate from school , also called Paul, sat on the banks of the railway tracks , in the dark I might add, waiting for the infamous Ghost train that was reputed to travel past towards Castleton. On the train could be seen the passengers all looking out of the windows screaming with their hands pressed against the windows covered in blood , it was believed that the train passed Darnhill sometime after 2100 hrs.  Sadly we never did see it ,although to this day I remember what I thought sounded like a train but never saw one. Does anybody else remember this 1970’s urban legend ?

F: Magic mushrooms helped you see it. Apparently!

C: I’m a 90’s kid and grew up on Greenock Drive and I remember the urban legend of the ghost train. Never saw anything but our house pretty much backed onto the East Lancs and it always felt creepy on that railway, especially before they began running trains again. That was our play ground as kids!

K: I remember it well. We lived on Atholl right next to the railway line. Always came steaming past on a winters night about Christmas time. It was scary!

F: I used to hang about on the railway in the early 70’s until all hours after raiding the Babysham factory or Bass Charrington for free beer. Many a time whilst walking down the tracks we would hear a train coming but the ghostly thing was never seen but you’d hear it going away in the distance which was a bit freaky! We never found it to be scary, we found it baffling because you could plainly hear it coming so you’d get of the lines and wait for it to pass but it never did pass then you’d hear it in the distance moving away!