We moved from Blackley in Manchester to Darnhill in October 1962. I was 10 years old my sister was 3 and my Mum was pregnant with my youngest sister.

In Blackley we lived in a prefab and I had always wanted to live in a house with stairs. The house we moved into was lovely three bedrooms and stairs. I loved going up the stairs to bed.

In February 1963, one of the worst winters on record my Mum went into labour with my sister. She was still booked into the maternity home in Manchester. An ambulance came for her but was unable to get up the grove because of the snow. They had to walk my Mum carefully down the grove in the snow to get her into the ambulance. I don’t think my Mum ever forgot the experience.

Such a different world to the one we now live in.

The winter was bad and at the time I was still travelling to school in Manchester. I used to get the train from Broadfield station to Moston before Mr. Beecham stepped in and closed all the stations. The estate was still being built and there was a lot of fun to be had playing around the houses that were still being built. The shops hadn’t been built and there used to be a mobile shop that came up the the grove. The man who ran it with his wife was Polish and used to make the best piccalilli.

I am still friends with one of the first friends I made on the estate and have a lot of lovely memories of the place and the people. We were all the same from different parts of Manchester and got on well.

When the shops were built they were lovely as were the people who worked in them.

My Mum lived in her lovely council house until 2011 when she went into a care home.

Maria B