At first, I went to Magdalena Street school because there was no school in Langley. There weren’t enough places. I was eight or nine when we moved. And I went to Langley high, which was the new secondary modern School.

They built Bishop Marshall the Catholic school afterwards,

I lived in Harpurhey before – I can remember it. There was a toilet in the backyard with steps going down flanks in the kitchen.

In Langley Bob’s van would come at midnight. Even when we had shops he’d still be going he did come in the day too I think but I just remember him coming late. We had a bread man too and my mum would have it on tick. She would order things that she couldn’t afford and my dad would send them on their way – he’d be so mad.

We never had a youth club. We’d go to Rhodes youth club in Middleton. We had to walk over the fields.

I’ve always lived here. I’ve got my first flat of 24, and I’m still here. I moved about 50 yards. I’m happy here. My family is local, my son lives in my old house now!

Linda W