Our Debbie, was born in 1967 and we’d moved here two years before. We’d lived on Ashton old road, and it was a clearance thing. We were married. We had a little two up two down that we owned was compulsory purchased. We didn’t want to move but we had to – we weren’t given a choice.

We were given a choice of area, though. They offered me a house in Wythenshawe and I was taking the key back because I didn’t want to go. I saw a lady at the bus stopwho I knew to say hello to. She just been offered one in Langley and she didn’t want to go there. So we went to the town hall and asked if we could do a swap. That’s how I ended up here, my husband’s family we’re here.

Iin town, I was a barrow lady. I travelled to town every day. I had 30 years in back Piccadilly selling salad, barrow peppers, that kind of thing. And 14 years on church streets. I’d get the 121 bus and it would drop me right outside my Barrow, my granddad had done the same thing with a horse and cart.

I live in the same house I moved to. If I won the lottery today, I wouldn’t leave – all my memories are in the house.

Maureen C